Clearing the Air on
Cloud-Based Point of Sale

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the right cloud-based POS system for your restaurant.

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There are numerous cloud-based restaurant POS systems on the market today, but not all are equal. Our webinar, "Clearing the Air on Cloud POS,” helps you know what to look for in a POS system. It covers:

  • Misconceptions around cloud-based POS systems
  • Business needs that a cloud-based POS can address best
  • Questions to ask and features to look for in a superior POS system

About Heartland
Heartland provides point of sale solutions to restaurant and retail businesses nationwide. It also supplies integrated payment processing, payroll and customer engagement solutions, as well as fast and hassle-free lending services.

About the Speaker

Andre Nataf is a restaurant industry expert. For decades he’s been active in the food service industry – both as an owner of a restaurant and a point of sale dealership. Andre is currently Senior Vice President for Point of Sale Solutions at Heartland.